Headlines Headlines (News) — 13 November 2020
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Taylor Has New Book on Florida’s Highest Office

Robert Taylor, associate dean and head of the School of Arts and Communication and a professor of history, has written a book along with R. Boyd Murphree on the 200-year history of Florida’s governors.

The Governors of Florida is the first volume to provide an in-depth examination of the lives and legacies of all of Florida’s chief executives. It starts from the acquisition of Spanish Florida and the appointment of the first governor, Andrew Jackson, in 1821 to the end of Rick Scott’s tenure in 2019.

Each of the 50 chapters focuses on an individual governor, the reasons he was elected, his agendas, successes and failures, and his impact on the state. The chapters offer views of the issues and events the governors faced during their terms, including the Seminole Wars, the Civil War, slavery, civil rights, both World Wars, the death penalty and many other challenges.

The book, published by University of Florida Press, is available on Amazon and at other booksellers.

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