Headlines Headlines (News) — 13 November 2020
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Postdoc Named Coral Reef Hero

Tom Shlesinger, a postdoctoral researcher at Florida Tech working with professor Rob van Woesik, has been selected as a 2020 Coral Reef Hero by ECO magazine.

Shlesinger was selected for “uncovering a hidden threat to coral persistence: the breakdown in spawning synchrony,” according to the international trade magazine, which focuses on environmental, coastal and offshore topics on the frontlines of ocean science and exploration. In a published paper, Breakdown in Spawning Synchrony: A Silent Threat to Coral Persistence, Shlesinger found that “environmental changes have resulted in shifts in the timing of gamete release species of coral in the Red Sea.”

The 2020 Coral Reef special issue that announced the Coral Reef Heroes serves as a platform for the global ocean community to provide project updates, report on new research findings, highlight key issues in conservation and management, and showcase advancements in coral restoration and monitoring technologies.

As part of the magazine’s mission to celebrate collaboration and progress in coral reef research, members of the coral reef community were asked to nominate coral reef heroes – those making significant contributions to the field.

You can find the Coral Reef Hero edition of ECO at http://digital.ecomagazine.com/publication/?i=664239&ver=html5&p=1

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