Headlines Headlines (News) — 13 November 2020
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Former Florida Tech Professor Visits

Ophir Frieder, a distinguished researcher and former Harris professor at Florida Tech, visited Jan. 7, 2020, where he met with faculty in the Department of Computer Engineering and Science and toured the campus.

From September 1996 to August 1998, Frieder was Harris Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Florida Tech. In 1998, he was recognized with both the university-wide Research Excellence Award and the College of Engineering Research Excellence Award.

He is currently a professor in the Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, & Biomathematics at Georgetown University Medical Center and the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University. His research and teaching areas mainly focus on scalable information processing systems from health informatics and information retrieval to communications technology.

Pictured above: Former Florida Tech professor Ophir Frieder, fourth from left, is joined by current faculty members T.J. O’Connor, Michael King, Barry Webster, Thomas Eskridge, Phillip Bernhard and William Allen.

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