Headlines Headlines (News) — 13 November 2020
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Florida Tech Celebrates Radiation, Inc.

Former Radiation Inc. employees gathered at Evans Library on the Florida Tech campus on Oct. 15 to celebrate their own legacy and the library’s rich archival collection of Radiation Inc. memorabilia.

Some Radiation, Inc. employees saved memorabilia and documentation about their engineering accomplishments at the dawn of the Information Age. Some of those artifacts and documents form the basis of the Radiation Inc. Archives housed at the library’s Harry P. Weber University Archives and Special Collections.

At the event, members of the public viewed archival items from collections and met former Radiation, Inc. employees. Tristan Fiedler, director of federal and faculty engagement, welcomed the group.

Homer Denius and George Shaw founded Radiation, Inc. in Melbourne in 1950. Specializing in advanced radiation communications, satellite earth stations, spacecraft electronics, electronic surveillance and satellite reconnaissance, the company’s engineers were pioneers in the space and defense industries. The company was acquired by Harris Corporation in 1967.

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