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Larry Hench Honored in National Academy of Engineering Memorial Tributes

Larry Hench, a former professor of biomedical engineering who was instrumental in establishing Florida Tech’s biomedical engineering program, was honored in Volume 22 of the National Academy of Engineering’s Memorial Tributes. Hench passed away Dec. 16, 2015, from melanoma.

Martin E. Glicksman, Allen S. Henry Chair & University Professor of Engineering and former dean of the College of Engineering, co-authored the tribute with former Florida Tech faculty member Michael Fenn.

At Florida Tech, Hench served as director of the university’s Center of Medical Materials and Photonics. He developed and taught an on-demand short bioceramics course for engineers and healthcare professionals, strengthening the connection between the American Ceramic Society and Florida Tech.

Hench’s distinguished careers included the development of Bioglass, the world’s first synthetic material able to bond with living tissue.

The tribute is available at www.nae.edu/219802/LARRY-L-HENCH-19382015#publicationContent.

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