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McCay Visits Beijing Institute of Technology

Florida Tech President Dwayne McCay and Academic Vice President Monica Baloga met with Beijing Institute of Technology Vice President Li Hezhang during a March 21 visit to on the university’s Beijing, China, campus.

Li Hezhang spoke warmly with McCay and his team, according to accounts, suggesting that, given the current state of Sino-U.S. space cooperation, the two universities should continue to work together to expand and improve student innovation regarding space exploration, space policy and space science.

Following their discussion, the delegation visited the Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Exhibition of the Aerospace Academy Student Satellite Project.

McCay had previously visited Beijing Polytechnic in November 2018, which prompted the School of Aerospace and Aeronautics and Astronautics at Beijing Institute of Technology to promote extensive training and research in the field of space science and space exploration.

In July 2018, a delegation of Florida Tech faculty and students led by Aldrin Space Institute Director Andy Aldrin visited Beijing Institute of Technology to attend the inaugural Sino-U.S. Space Policy Research Center summer study program.

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