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Florida Tech Hosts Optics Workshop

Florida Tech welcomed scientists and guests from around the world as it hosted The Optical Society’s “Workshop on Role of Optics in Space and Space-based Astronomy” May 16-17 at the Center for Aeronautics and Innovation.

Florida Tech Senior Vice President for Research and Optical Society Fellow Gisele Bennett was workshop host and co-chair of the organizing committee. Randy Giles, chief scientist for the International Space Station, was also workshop co-chair. 

Speakers and panelists attended from Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Singapore and Japan. The workshop drew participants and guests from NASA, the public sector, academia and industry.

Topics explored included how optics are supporting the resurgence in the exploration of our solar system and beyond; the role of optics and smaller optical systems on microsatellites and probes; and the use of optics in laboratories and factories in space.

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