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March: Josemar Da Cruz Faustino, College of Engineering and Science; Mitchell Greenberg, Athletics; Kolbi Holmes, Registrar; Donald Jaques, Security; Kristen Johnson, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts; Kayla Marshall, Continuing Education; Selvin McLean, Environmental Health and Safety; Kenneth McNamee, Security; Nathaniel Miller, Enrollment Management; Chelsea Nolder, Registrar; Mya Sullivan, Dining Services; Daniel Weeks III, Security; Roland Wilson, Dining Services.

April: Christopher Biagi, Harris Institute for Assured Information; Aaron Felder, Facilities Operations; Kadri Graff, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts; Damon Hart, Facilities Operations; Nestor Hernandez Zambrana, Continuing Education; Chrystal Hillary, Facilities Operations; Stephen Hunsicker, Facilities Operations; Frank Iannone, Security; Emily Reynolds, International and Graduation Admissions.

May: Frank Accornero, Center for Hydrogen Research; Nathaniel Ashton, Instructional Technologies; Brannon Blair, Technology Support Services; Tamara Calero, Clemente Sports-Rec Center; Xori Deans, Continuing Education; Sandra Derleth, College of Engineering and Science; Brandy Epple, Office of the Controller; Bonnie Gallick, College of Engineering and Science; Cindy Goodman, Facilities; Margaret Griesmer, Human Resources; Derek Helbig, Security; Nicholas Hink, Student Housing; Amanda Kotowski, International and Graduate Admissions; Mary-Grace Lally, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts; Christina Lind, Office of the President; Teresa Mantz, Security; Rashawn Mingo, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts; Stephen O’Steen, Facilities; Stephanie Redmond, Office of the Senior Vice President for Operations and Global Initiatives; James Walker, Facilities; Nicole Winderweedle, Student Financial Services; Jinlei Zheng, College of Engineering and Science.

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