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NASA Administrator Offers Keynote Address, Tours Campus

Florida Tech welcomed NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine to campus on May 23 as the university hosted Space Technology Day. The daylong event brought together professors, students, engineers, technologists and business leaders from around Florida to engage on NASA’s current and future space technology activities as the agency’s plans for humans to reach the moon in 2024 and Mars in 2033.

In an hour-long keynote address, Bridenstine presented the ways in which the agency will reach the moon through its recently-announced Artemis program, and disclosed for the first time that Maxar Technologies has been selected as the company that will power and propulsion part of the lunar Gateway, a key component of the Artemis program that will serve as an orbiting base for astronauts.

“We’re going to go with commercial partners, we’re going to go with international partners,” he said. “We are building a coalition of nations for a sustainable return to the moon.”

And, Bridenstine added, Florida Tech is a key partner.

“Florida Tech is an amazing university that provides a lot of talent to NASA and to contractors serving NASA,” he said. During his time on campus, Bridenstine also participated in an industry roundtable and visited the makerspace and ISS lab at Olin Engineering Complex.

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