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Security Director Kevin Graham Retires

After serving Florida Tech for nearly 15 years as director of campus security, Kevin Graham retired March 1.

Graham began his career in law enforcement in 1975 working for the Pennsylvania State Police. He soon became an instructor at the police academy as well as a nearby community college. He moved to Melbourne in 2004 for the sun and warm weather, he said, before perfect timing brought him to Florida Tech.

“I moved here on a Friday or Saturday. The job was advertised in the paper on Sunday. Monday, I applied. And three weeks later I had the job,” Graham said.

Many staff spoke of Graham’s dedication to safety and the positive effect he has had on the university.

“Kevin took our security department to a new level on this campus,” said women’s basketball head coach John Reynolds. “Physically, with fences, gates, doors and locking systems. But that’s a minor thing. What I think he did is he transformed our security department into the most helpful department on campus. I have never had a request for security that wasn’t responded to instantly.”

Others remembered Graham for his sense of humor.

“Probably the most memorable interaction I had with him was in 2007 when the radio station flooded with raw sewage and he called me at 5 in the morning to let me know that ‘there might be a slight problem with the radio station,’” said WFIT General Manager Terri Wright. “We’ve always bantered back and forth.”

Playful humor aside, few on campus doubt Graham’s dedication to Florida Tech.

“He’s been a really good guy to work with and I think he’ll be missed by the university as a whole,” Wright said.

Graham said he will remember his time at Florida Tech fondly.

“I’ve met some of the finest people in the world, the smartest people in the world here. It’s been my pleasure, my honor to have worked here,” he said. Graham will continue to live on the Space Coast and work on other projects.

Story by Roland Hesmondhalgh

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