Transitions Working @ Florida Tech — 12 December 2018
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October: Brenda Alba, Lake Nona site; Patrick Burns, Athletics; Javan Cameron, Panther Dining Hall; Nicholas Capra, Athletics; Tonje Guldvik, Undergraduate Admissions; Aimee Harris, College of Engineering and Science; Jennifer Klingensmith, Continuing Education; Rebeca Leyva, Registrar; John Lowe, Panther Dining Hall; Dhanish Mehta, Harris Institute for Assured Information; Patricia Noe, Graduate Programs; Anthony Rose, Building Maintenance; Melanie Schrey, Information Technology; Ana Paula Scola, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts; Amanda Turner, Information Technology; Robert Usselman, College of Engineering and Science.

November: Allen Burgess, Panther Dining Hall; Kristen Cassidy, College of Engineering and Science; Danen Cleaves, Panther Dining Hall; Jarin Eisenberg, Development; Tria Green, Continuing Education; Amy Heath, Continuing Education; Jessica Ickes, Institutional Research and Assessment; Areen Lennon, International and Graduate Admissions; Destiny Lohse, Panther Dining Hall; Lisa Thomson, College of Aeronautics.

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