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Peter, Smith Win $1.1M in Federal Grants

Adrian Peter and Anthony Smith of Florida Tech’s Information Characterization & Exploitation Lab in the Department of Computer Engineering and Sciences recently won substantial grants from the federal Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

The $600,000 DIA grant, titled “Tactical Infrasound and Seismic Event Classification,” is related to the agency’s exploration of novel Measurement and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT) analysis techniques capable of characterizing the battlefield environment and revealing threats to friendly forces. In the project, Peter, the PI, and co-PI Smith aim to investigate the use of infrasonic and seismic signatures for identifying sources of interest at tactical range — several kilometers to a few hundred kilometers in distance.

“Specifically, we target classification and identification of sources such as tanks, armored vehicles, trucks, helicopters, and other related tactical threats,” Peter said. “New deep learning architectures will be developed to leverage the unique characteristics of the infrasonic and seismic signatures.”

The $506,806 grant titled “Infrasonic Cyber-Physical MASINT for environmental Characteristics and Classification,” is part of the AFRL’s Office of Air Force Material Command requirement to research innovative, disruptive technologies and methods in Measurement and Signatures Intelligence Exploitation (MASINT-X). This project, with Smith as PI and Peter as co-PI, will develop new feature extraction and machine-learning techniques for classifying infrasonic data collected via mobile platforms (e.g. iOS or Android devices).

The projects are supported by Computer Engineering and Sciences graduate students Kaylen Bryan and Mitchell Solomon, who are pursuing their Ph.Ds. under the supervision of Peter and Smith.

Pictured: The ICE Lab Infrasound team, from left, Mitchell Solomon, Adrian Peter, Anthony Smith and Kaylen Bryan, at the Florida Tech Infrasound Array located behind the university’s Rivers Edge facility in Palm Bay. 

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