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Glicksman Paper Wins Top Prize

A paper published in the August issue of Journal of Materials Science from Allen Henry Chair Martin Glicksman and co-author Kumar Ankit of Arizona State University has been awarded the 2018 Robert W. Cahn prize, which recognizes “a truly exceptional original research paper” published in the journal in a calendar year.

The paper, “Measuring solid–liquid interfacial energy fields: diffusion-limited patterns,” detailed NASA-supported research and was previously selected as a ‘best paper’ in the journal for August. To win the Cahn prize, it beat out 11 other monthly finalists.

The prize is named in honor of the Journal’s founding editor, the late professor Robert Wolfgang Cahn.

Glicksman feels the paper won because of a combination of the novelty of the theoretical idea and the ability to set up a simulated experiment that independently measured the field and proved it exists.

“It’s a reaffirmation, I think, of the work we did at Florida Tech and the collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, and Arizona State,” he said.

While Glicksman is excited about winning the award, what makes him the proudest is knowing the impact it will have on his 31-year-old co-author’s career.

“The important part is for my young colleague, this is a career maker,” he said. “This is really big for him, so it’s very satisfying to me.”

In addition to recognition, the Cahn prize carries with it a $5,000 cash award to be shared by the paper’s authors.

Pictured: The winning authors Kumar Ankit, left, and Martin Glicksman, far right, are joined by M. Grant Norton, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Materials Science.

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