Headlines (News) News — 30 October 2018
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Using NSF Travel Grants, Students Attend Conference, Present Papers

Nine Ph.D. students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, recipients of National Science Foundation travel grants, attended the 38th Southeastern-Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations (SEARCDE) at the University of North Georgia on Oct. 6-7.

All nine presented papers. Here are the students who attended and their papers:

Adam Prinkey, “Analysis of interfaces for the nonlinear double degenerate parabolic equation of turbulent filtration with absorption” (joint work with Ph.D. advisor Ugur Abdulla).

Roqia Jeli, “Evolution of Interfaces for the non-lnear parabolic p-Laplacian type diffusion equation of non-Newtonian elastic filtration with strong absorption” (joint work with Abdulla).

Saleheh Seif, “Breast Cancer Detection through Electrical Impedance Tomography and Optimal Control Theory: Theoretical and Computational Analysis” (joint work Abdulla and Vlad Bukshtynov).

Ahmad Alalyani, “Computing Eigenvalues of Fourth Order Sturm-Liouville Problems to High Accuracy” (joint work with Ph.D. advisor Charles Fulton).

Lamees Alzaki, “Analysis of Interfaces for the Nonlinear Degenerate Diffusion Equation with Convection” (joint work with Abdulla).

Ali Hagverdiyev, “Gradient Method in Hilbert-Besov Spaces for the Optimal Control of Parabolic Free Boundary Problems” (joint work with Abdulla and Bukshtynov).

Roby Poteau, “Identification of Parameters in Systems Biology” (joint work with Abdulla).

Amna Abuweden, “Interface Development for the Nonlinear Degenerate Multidimensional Parabolic Equations Modeling Reaction-Diffusion Processes” (joint work with Abdulla).

Michael Allison, “Lyapunov-Razumikhin Theorems for Sufficient Conditions to Prove Asymptotic Stability of PEEC NFDEs” (joint work with Ph.D. advisor Bhaskar Tenali).

Pictured: Students, from left, Michael Allison, Ali Hagverdiyev, Lamees  Alzak, Adam Prinkey, Saleheh Seif, Amna Abuweden and Roby Poteau. 

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