Headlines Working @ Florida Tech — 30 August 2018
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Harris Professor Leads Research Briefing

Harris Professor Steven Shaw shared a research briefing Aug. 17 with President Dwayne McCay and Senior Vice President for Research Gisele Bennett. Shaw, who teaches in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, discussed physics-based predictive models for vibrational systems. Focusing on nonlinear behavior and noise, topics included vibrational reduction in automotive powertrains as well as microsale resonators. Two of Shaw’s students, Rebakah Blackwell and Donghao Li, also presented.

Shaw’s research and teaching interests are in the general area of dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems, focusing on nonlinear and noisy behavior. He is specifically interested in the fundamental physics, modeling and design of resonant micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems, and in the dynamics and design of centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers for rotating machinery.

Shaw had a distinguished career at Michigan State University before joining Florida Tech in 2016. His recent work has been funded by NSF, Fiat-Chrysler, Valeo, DARPA and ARO.

Pictured, from left: Senior Vice President for Research Gisele Bennett; Harris Professor Steven Shaw; and President Dwayne McCay.

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