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College of Engineering and Computing

Paul Cosentino, professor in the Civil Engineering Department, was co-editor of the monograph, “Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering” from the recent International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo in honor of Professor Jean-Louis Briaud. At that event, Cosentino also published a paper, which was included as an abstract in the monograph, and ran a technical session along with his graduate student, Aline Franqui.

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

Bold = faculty
* = student
** = alumni
*** = former student

Aragon, Patrick .J. (2018, February). Why we do what we do: A commentary on the implications and considerations of substance (Ab) use. International Journal of Psychology & Behavior Analysis 4: 138. 

Converse, Patrick D., Beverage, Michael S.**, Vaghef, Keemia*, & Moore, Lisa S.* (2018). Self-control over time: Implications for work, relationship, and well-being outcomes. Journal of Research in Personality, 73, 82-92.

Costopoulos, Julie S. & Juni, Samuel (2018). Psychoanalytic understanding of the origins of sexual violence. Journal of Forensic Psychology Research and Practice.doi:10.1080/24732850.2018.1430936

Costopoulos, Julie S., *Bennett, Chelsea, & *Price, Lauren (2018, April). New Predictors of Sex Offender Risk. Paper to be presented at Florida’s Sexually Violent Predator Program Annual Conference, Tallahassee, FL.

Guinness, K., Beaulieu, L., & MacDonald, J. M. (in press). Effects of technology breaks on media multitasking with college students. Behavioral Interventions.

Beaulieu, Lauren. & Povinelli, J. (in press). Improving solitary play with a typically developing preschooler. Behavioral Interventions.

Edkins, Vanessa, & Dervan, L. (2018). Freedom now or a future later: Pitting the lasting implications of collateral consequences against pretrial detention in decisions to plead guilty. Psychology, Public Policy, and the Law, in press.

Vanessa Edkins’ plea bargaining research was featured in an article of the The Economist in November, titled “A deal you can’t refuse: The troubling spread of plea-bargaining from America to the world.”

*DePaulo, Jesse, Gravina, Nicole, & Harvey, Celeste A.  (In press). Using a behavioral intervention to improve performance of a women’s college lacrosse team.  Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Radhika Krishnamurthy was elected to a two-year term (2018-2020) as Chair of the Women’s Issues Committee of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP), and member of the NCSPP Executive Committee.

Proctor, D. (2018-2020) Editorial board member, Biology Letters.

Proctor, D. (Feb. 2018) Organizer and host – South Florida Primatology Group meeting. Brevard Zoo, Melbourne, FL.

Proctor, D. (Feb. 2018) Trail of Terror: The effect of a nighttime zoo event on spider monkey behavior. Presentation to the South Florida Primatology Group meeting, Melbourne, FL.

Proctor, D. (2018). Several media pieces with marketing promoting animal behavior concentration for undergrads.

Proctor, D. (Jan. 2018). Research at Brevard Zoo. Presentation to Brevard Zoo’s Jaguar Society (high-dollar donors).

Proctor, D. and Jones, M. 2017 Association for Psychological Science Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science Grant winners. “Roach Lab: Using cockroaches to increase learning outcomes in undergraduate psychology.”

Bland, V. J., Cowie, S., Elliffe, D., & Podlesnik, Christopher A. (in press). Does a negative discriminative stimulus function as a punishing consequence? Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior.

Wathen, S. N.*, & Podlesnik, Christopher A. (in press). Laboratory models of treatment relapse and mitigation techniques. Behavior Analysis: Research & Practice.

Kelley, Michael E., & Podlesnik, Christopher A. (in press). Advancing applied practice by modeling common assessments and interventions. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Kimball, R. T.**, Kelley, Michael E.Podlesnik, Christopher A., Forton, A.****, & Hinkle, B.** (in press). Resurgence with and without an alternative response. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Erin Richard was awarded the 2017 Journal of Business and Psychology Stan Gully Award for Sustained Excellence in Reviewing. This is an award recognizing a JBP board member for seven or more years of sustained excellence in reviewing.

Richard, E. M., Wright, N., Thomas, S., Wiggins, A., DuVernet, A., Parker, B., & Davison, K. (January, 2018). Revisiting the 2016 SIOP Income and Employment Survey: Gender Pay Gap. The Industrial and Organizational Psychologist.

*Hodges, Ansley, Wilder, David, & *Ertel, Hallie. (in press). The use of a multiple schedule to decrease toe walking in a child with autism. Behavioral Interventions.

*Hodges, Ansley. Betz, Alison, Wilder, David, & **Anita, Kristen. (in press). The use of acoustical guidance to decrease toe walking in a child with autism. Education and Treatment of Children.

Wilder, David (2018, February). Assessing and Improving Staff Performance in Human Service Settings. Invited address at the annual convention of the North Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

College of Science

Florida Tech Ph.D. student Levi Boggs provided research used in an article from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA GOES East Satellite Captures the First Images from Space of Gigantic Jet Lightning. Boggs is based in the Geospace Physics Laboratory in the Department of Physics and Space Sciences. The article can be found here.

Extended Studies 

Scott Clary, an assistant professor for operations research and curriculum manager for operations research at the Virtual Graduate Center, has been selected to receive the IEEE Region 3 Outstanding Engineering Educator Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The award will be presented at the group’s annual regional meeting April 21 in St. Petersburg. Region 3 encompasses over 30,000 IEEE members across nine states in the southeastern US and Jamaica. The award is given in recognition of the IEEE member in Region 3 who “has shared technical and professional abilities through teaching in industry, government, or in an institution of higher learning and in so doing has made an outstanding contribution to the electro technology profession,” the group said.

Facilities Operations

Florida Tech was featured in Alpha Phi Quarterly magazine’s “Green Issue,” notes Holly Chichester, Florida Tech’s horticulturalist and manager of grounds – and an Alpha Phi herself.  Focused on collegians and alumnae and their passion for nature and the environment, the magazine included Florida Tech sophomore Natalie Gadelrab talking about her ocean engineering major and a “What’s In Your Garden” feature from Chichester.

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