Florida Tech is Here News — 14 May 2018
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ROTC Cadets Take Battle Analysis Trip

Eleven cadets from Florida Tech’s ROTC program traveled to historic and significant military sites on March 16-18 as part of the program’s annual Battle Analysis trip.

The group went to three sites in Georgia: Andersonville, home of an infamous Civil War prison camp, where cadets visited the National POW Museum; Fort Benning, the Army base known for its Airborne, Ranger and infantry training, where they visited the Infantry Museum; and Pickett’s Mill, the site of the Civil War-era Battle of Pickett’s Mill in 1864.

Robert Taylor, a professor of history who accompanied the cadets, offered insight and context about that battle and other relevant topics.

The cadets who attended were: Jamaal Al-Ameen, Nathan Alston, Cory Backer, Jordan Blanco, John Carpenter, Christopher Heath, Indiaella Kemm-Pineiro, Trevor Little, Georgina Lovrey, Paul Mcintyre and Brett Robins.

Joining Taylor from the ROTC cadre were Dana Washington, Master Sgt. John Stafford and Capt. Sheiloh Carlos.

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