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McCays Recognized by Posey, Entered into Congressional Record

Dwayne and Mary Helen McCay were both recognized by U.S. Rep. Bill Posey and their accomplishments entered into the congressional record.

In remarks now preserved in the congressional record, Posey described Dwayne McCay, the president of Florida Tech, as “a renowned engineer and research scientist who was recently named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors…a highly prestigious professional distinction.”

He later spoke of Mary Helen McCay, Florida Tech’s First Lady, university research professor, director of Florida Tech’s National Center for Hydrogen Research, and a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.

“I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Dr. Mary Helen McCay, as well as Dr. Dwayne McCay and the dedicated faculty of the Florida Institute of Technology, for their contributions to science and engineering, and for their commitment to inspiring young minds and future scientists of our nation,” Posey said.

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