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Gretchen Sauerman Named November MVP

Gretchen Sauerman, associate vice president for corporate sponsored programs, has been selected as November’s Most Valuable Panther.

Sauerman was chosen for her involvement in securing the largest grant in the history of Florida Tech, an in-kind software grant from Siemens Corporation valued at $246 million. The grant was announced Oct. 5.

The grant provides access to exclusive software used by over 150,000 international companies in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. The software is used to create some of the most sophisticated products in the world. The grant will benefit the research efforts of Florida Tech professors and provide students experience with the latest engineering tools. (Find the news release announcing the grant here.)

The MVP program recognizes faculty and staff who embody both the university’s standards for innovation and excellence, and offer quality of service to the campus at large and individual students.

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