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From the start of my tenure as president of Florida Tech, I have made clear how much I value open communication. By its nature, communication is a two-way process, as one participant offers information and the other takes it in, processes it, listens – however you’d like to describe it.

That’s the beginning of a dialogue that is such an important transaction to me.

It’s why you find me walking around campus interacting with the Florida Tech community, or spending time at our residence halls on move-in day, or at the regular lunches I have with faculty or students. I offer my share of information and perspective, to be sure, but I spend just as much time, if not more, simply listening.

The success of Florida Tech, or any organization, really, is predicated on leadership that offers guidance, of course, but that also recognizes the importance and impact of soliciting suggestions and then incorporating the best elements of those suggestions going forward.

That’s why I am encouraging all of you to utilize our virtual “suggestion box.” As reported in an item elsewhere in this newsletter, you can find it at It offers the opportunity for you to share your thoughts on a number of topics, including “Ideas for Improvement” and financial, business, academic or research matters.

A quick search of the internet shows that suggestion boxes date back more than a century. Though they didn’t have the technology back then to solicit suggestions through a web page, the essential practice has remained basically unchanged.

One World War II-era poster shows a worker wearing a hard hat. It reads, “Is There an Idea Under Your Hat? Don’t keep it to yourself. Use the Suggestion Box.”

If you have ideas, under your hat or otherwise, take a few minutes to send them along via our webpage. The more we communicate, the better we can make Florida Tech – together.


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