Transitions Working @ Florida Tech — 15 September 2017
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July: Joshua Adkins, Athletics; Susan Daigle, Civil Engineering; David Dent, Athletics; Holly Fales-Gingher, Dining Services; Alana Fenton, Scott Center for Autism Treatment; Shakira Guice, First Year Experience; Whitney Hodges, Mechanical Aerospace Engineering; Sefaliben Patel, Dining Services; Jennifer Priddy, Dining Services; Lisa Rathburn, Financial Aid; David Schwartz, Mechanical Aerospace Engineering; Danny Thomas, Dining Services.

August: Kathryn Brinson, Development; Tyler Chadwick, Admissions; Frank Cheung, Security; Toby Daly-Engel, Biological Sciences; Debbie Darmofal, Dining Services; Allyn Deming, Evans Library; Tiffany Dolan, ROTC; Hope Fales, Dining Services; Thomas Ferreri, Security; Adele Hall, Foosaner Art Museum; Jason Herkimer, College of Aeronautics; John Hunsucker, College of Aeronautics; David Johnson, Athletics; Kimberly Lees, Graduate Admissions; Rian Mehta, College of Aeronautics; Joseph Montelione, School of Arts and Communication; Sherisse Pierre, College of Aeronautics; Alec Poitras, Continuing Education; Carl Putman, Athletics; Marco Raczka, Biological Sciences; Joanne Regan, Continuing Education; Jeremy Riousset, Physics and Space Sciences; Mary Sharpe, Continuing Education; Stanley Snelson, Math Sciences; Linda Thorpe, Dining Services.

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