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May: Cheryl Bednar, Extended Studies; Christopher Cacciapaglia, Biological Sciences; Kaitlyn Camilli, Human Resources; Frank Chapman, Ocean Engineering and Sciences; Tyler Chibberton, Dining Services; Shishir Chourey, Chemistry; Christina Glore, Continuing Education; Natasha Gough, Athletics; Chelsey Kratochwill, Biology; Suzanne McAllister, Office of the Controller; William Nyffenegger, Harris Institute for Assured Information; Daniel Owen, Athletics; Susan Popelka, Bisk College of Business; Nicholas Weatherly, School of Behavioral Analysis.

June: Kristin Albert, Scott Center for Autism Treatment; Andy Brito, Dining Services; Anthony Cianciotto, Biology; Michelle Collins, Extended Studies; Michael Engle, Athletics; Joanna Folk, Dining Services; Melinda Galbato, Scott Center for Autism Treatment; Jessica Machanic, Dining Services; Joshua Moore, Continuing Education; Amanda Turner, Office of President Emeritus; Jordan Ursch, Admissions.

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