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President Recognizes Top Researchers

Florida Tech President T. Dwayne McCay recently recognized two groups of researchers at luncheon events.

The Shining Stars are those faculty identified by the Office of Research who are well established in their research careers with grants and contracts in support of advancing their field of study. Many are principal investigators on multiple projects with $1 million-plus funding support reflecting their expertise in their fields. The top 10 were selected to be recognized at a luncheon.

Rising Stars – are faculty identified by the Office of Research identified who are early in their research careers in regards to obtaining grants and contracts. Most of the Rising Star faculty have been at Florida Tech less than five years. Others have been at the university longer but are in earlier stages in their funded research. There was a requirement for faculty selection that he or she served as principal investigator on the funded research. Of faculty that have funded research in this category, the top 10 were selected to be recognized at a luncheon. And of those selected, total funded research was under $1M per person.

Each faculty received a certificate of recognition signed by President McCay.

Pictured above: Shining Star researchers. From left, Mark Bush, John Trefry, Georgios Anagnostopoulos, Kristi Van Sickle, President T. Dwayne McCay, Marco Carvalho, Ming Zhang and Senior Vice President for Reseach Annie Becker.


The Rising Stars researchers are, from left, Francisco Yumiceva, Jessica Wildones, Beshoy Morkos, Robert Weaver, Emily Ralston, Yi Liao, Fareena Saqib, President T. Dwayne McCay, Aaron Welters, Patrick Converse, Nasri Nesnas. Csaba Palotai and Senior Vice President for Research Annie Becker.

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