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Florida Tech Attends FAS Annual Meeting

Florida Tech faculty and students were major participants in the the 81st Annual Meeting of the Florida Academy of Sciences March 10 at Florida Polytechnic University. Research Assistant Professor Kelli Hunsucker received the gavel and began serving her two-year term as president. Also, George Maul, distinguished professor of oceanography, presented the 2016 medalist lecture. His presentation: “Maritime Musings: on the history of sea charts, timekeeping, longitude, and political correctness.” Students Timothy Haire and Fitzroy Nembhard were awarded the Elizabeth Hays Travel Award for the annual meeting. And faculty and students offered more than two dozen oral and poster presentations. Here are the winners:

ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANOGRAPHIC SCIENCES: Outstanding Oral Presentation, Graduate—Xiao Ma, “Selective avoidance by copepods grazing on bloom-forming algal species in the Indian River Lagoon.”

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES: Outstanding Oral Presentation, Graduate—Louis Penrod, “Thermally induced shift in feeding mode may contribute to the invasion success of lionfish.” Outstanding Poster Presentation, Graduate—Lauren Bates, “Isolation of proteins that interact with PLCγ during fertilization in the starfish.”

ENGINEERING SCIENCES Outstanding Poster Presentation, Undergraduate—Brady Powers, “Testing of Shock Absorbing Bulkheads for Membrane Hull Technology Recreational Boats.”

ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL SCIENCES: Outstanding Oral Presentation, Graduate—Anad Afhaima, “Interaction between fragments of tau protein investigated by force spectroscopy using AFM.”

PHYSICS AND SPACE SCIENCES Honorable Mention Oral Presentation, Undergraduate—Matthew Bomberger, “Mechanical design and stress analysis of a large-area gas electron multiplier.” Honorable Mention Oral Presentation, Graduate —Mehdi Rahmani, “Quality control tests for efficient GEM detector production.”

Pictured: New Florida Academy of Sciences President Kelli Hunsucker, a research assistant professor at Florida Tech, left, receives the gavel from outgoing president Jeremy Montague of Barry University.

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