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Catanese Speaks at Radiation Inc. Reunion

Florida Tech President Emeritus Anthony J. Catanese, pictured, was the keynote speaker at the reunion of the Radiation Inc. Old Timers on April 29. (Radiation Inc. became Harris Corporation in 1967 through a merger). He discussed the remarkable partnership between founders Homer Denius and George Shaw (starting in 1950, when the company was created by the two) and their vision of a world-class technological school, later led by Jerome Keuper. Denius and Shaw (whom Catanese referred to as his mentor on all things Florida Tech and Melbourne) also led the efforts to create banks, hospitals and art and cultural centers in Melbourne and Brevard County.

Catanese acknowledged that Florida Tech could not have made it without the strong and continuing support of Harris and its Legacy Radiation. He described how Shaw once asked him to create a Top 10 medium-size technological university for the world. Catanese told the group that London-based Times Higher Education and Reuters have deemed that goal as being met.

Catanese said he was especially proud of the Radiation Inc. Archives that he created in the university’s Evans Library at the suggestion of Old Timers Jack Pruitt (a Florida Tech trustee), Frank Perkins, A. B. Amis and others.

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