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Community Garden Opens Near Evans Hall

The Ethos Community Garden opened Feb. 17 in front of Evans Hall on the Residential Quad.

Speakers included President T. Dwayne McCay, student Zach Eichholz, president of the Residence Life Sustainability Committee and project leader; and student Lexi Miller, a committee member who provided education and research on effective practices for community gardening.

The Ethos Community Garden is a 59-foot-by-39-foot fenced-in area that houses nearly two dozen planting beds. It will serve as a future platform for sustainable education, provide a conversation highlight for campus tours, allow residents the chance to become self-sufficient in food cultivation skills, and become the catalyst for larger sustainability-based movements around campus.

The Residence Life Sustainability Committee, comprised of 18 student resident assistants, applied for and won a competitive, $4,000 grant from the California-based Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation to help cover the cost of the garden. Florida Tech also helped fund the project.

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