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Tickets Remain for Chopper Dropper March 24

Tickets remain for the March 24 Chopper Dropper, where a suggested donation of $100 per ticket could win the ticketholder a $50,000 grand prize, a $10,000 second prize, or one of 15 $1,000 prizes.

Chopper Dropper involves dropping 2,000 numbered golf balls from a helicopter onto a putting green at Suntree Country Club, with the ball closest to the pin winning the holder of that number the grand prize.

The 14th annual Chopper Dropper is part of Sporting Affair XXV, the university’s biggest fundraiser for athletics scholarships, which also features a golf tournament, food and drink, and more. The event is marking its 25th anniversary.

For more information and to purchase Chopper Dropper tickets, please visit

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