Headlines (News) News — 27 January 2017
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Bisk Freshman Showcase Innovation

First-year students at the Nathan Bisk College of Business put their creative inventions, apps, games and products on display at the Student Innovation Challenge in November. The entries all featured Raspberry Pi, the smartphone-sized computer.

First place and $200 per team member went to Karlista Maroney, Logan Donley, Chad Boyer and Mubarek Al Monsoori for “Ride Surf Technology,” a buoy that provides wave information and other data to surfers. Second place and $100 per team member went to Mollie Kaplan, David Phillips, Jionglong Fang, Sveta Warren and Chao Ma for “Magic Mirror,” a mirror that also provides useful information such as current weather reports and news. And third place and $50 per team member was awarded to Jordan Densler, Bedad Al Barzani, Carl Goodrich and Natrone Ray for the “the Baby Guardian,” a small sensor that provides real-time data on the condition, health and other characteristics of babies.

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