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Psychology Students Win at Conference

Six undergraduate students from the School of Psychology attended the Undergraduate Psychology Major Conference Nov. 18 at the UCI Palm Bay campus. They submitted four posters and made presentations. The posters were judged in two categories, Experience in Psychology and Research Experience, and all of the Florida Tech students received awards.

In the Experience category,My experience as a Guardian ad Litem” from Bailey Whitmore won first place, and “Industrial and Organizational Psychology” from Maria Faria-Hildalgo took third. In the Research awards, “The effect of a nighttime zoo event on spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) behavior” from Jennifer A. Kramer, Tyiler M. Tower and Darby Proctor, Ph.D., won first place, and “Numerical formats in educational materials” from Lindsey Johnson, Kinjal Chheda, Kelley Chilson and Katrina Ellis, Ph.D., won second.

Caption: Among the winners were, from left to right, Jennifer Kramer, Bailey Whitmore, Kinjal Chheda and Maria Faria-Hildalgo.


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