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Math Department Attends Joint Mathematics Meetings

A large contingent from Florida Tech attended the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta in early January. At the event, organized by the American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America and considered the largest mathematics meeting in the world, 12 students and faculty members Ugur Abdulla and Max Goldfarb from the Florida Tech Department of Mathematical Sciences were involved in 11 talks.

The Ph.D students who attended were Naveed Iqbal, Evan Cosgrove, Roby Poteau, Adam Prinkey and Roqia Jeli). The undergraduate students were from Florida Tech’s Research Experiences for Undergradutaes, or REU, program. They were Muhammad Abdulla from Florida Tech, Emily Ribando-Gros, Louisiana State University, Montie Avery, University of New Mexico, Rashad Abdulla, University of Pennsylvania, Naba Mukhtar, Bucknell University, Elizabeth Schloss, Auburn University, and Rajendra Beekie, University of Minnesota.

In the picture, from left to right, are Ph.D. students Adam Prinkey, Naveed Iqbal and Roby Poteau, Department Head Ugur Abdulla, REU student Rashad Abdulla, Ph.D. student Evan Cosgrove, REU student Muhammad Abdulla, and MAC Director Max Goldfarb.

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