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College of Engineering

Professor Jean-Paul Pinelli in the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management is teaching a course on hurricane vulnerability modeling at Beijing Normal University during a sabbatical leave. He gave the seminar, “Vulnerability of Residential Buildings: Low-Rise vs. Mid-Rise, the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model Approach” at BNU and delivered “Hurricane Prediction and Risk Management in Florida with the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model” at Peking University.

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

Rich Griffith, director of the Institute for Cross Cultural Management, participated in a panel discussion from the Education Testing Service titled, “Assessing Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: Existing Research and Future Directions.” The event was Jan. 12 in Washington, D.C.

Bold = faculty
*= student
**= alumni
*** =former student

Active Minds* and Alpha Tau Omega presented a silent demonstration to raise awareness among students at Florida Tech of the prevalence of suicide on college campuses, according to Victoria Follette. The month leading up to the event, students were asked to donate their unwanted T-shirts but the reason behind the T-shirt drive was not disclosed to them. On October 3rd, National No-Stigma Day, 1,100 of the donated T-shirts were laid out on Crawford Green. The T-shirts represented the 1,100 college student’s lives that are taken by suicide each year nationally.  During the event there were signs all over the green explaining what the shirts represented and hashtags students could use if they wanted to post on social media about it. Members from both clubs were at the all-day event handing out pamphlets informing students of mental health resources available on campus. Additionally, students were given handouts on what to do if they believe a friend is experiencing suicidal thoughts. The t-shirts collected were ultimately donated to Circles of Care, a local inpatient psychiatric hospital.

Patrick Aragon was promoted to fulltime faculty, assistant professor and assistant director of clinical training

Felipa T. Chavez, Ph.D. has been certified as a Level 1 trainer in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) by the International Board of Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Florida Institute of Technology.  Under Dr. Chavez’ training, both Dr. Amanda Anderson** and Anna Shuman* have been approved to sit their exams for completion of their certification as a PCIT Therapists by the international board as well.

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Bill Gabrenya was appointed information technology officer for the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology following completion of his second term as secretary-general.

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Dining Services

Florida Tech Chef de Cuisine Jon Skoviera and Evan Olsen, assistant director of dining services based at the SUB Café and Deli, won the People’s Choice Award for their seafood chowder at the 1st Annual Downtown Melbourne Food & Wine Festival in November. Over 1,000 attendees sampled foods from dozens of vendors before voting on the top entry.

Evans Library

The library’s Digital Scholarship Lab was featured in Library Journal’s “Year in Architecture 2016” listings. The magazine said the lab “features commissioned artwork, bright colors, and unique furnishings.”

Larsen Motorsports

Larsen Motorsports was featured on Times Square video boards in November and December as part of the Florida Tech partner’s “What Fuels You?” publicity campaign. Among those featured are Florida Tech students and Larsen Motorsports staffers Kat Redner and Paige Sanchez.

Nathan Bisk College of Business

A paper by Scott Benjamin, assistant professor of strategy & entrepreneurship and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & New Business Development, was published in the International Journal of Business Environment. The paper was, “Non-market Strategies That Affect Industry Conditions.”

Office of Operations and Global Initiatives

Gaby Hawat, senior vice president of operations and global initiatives, has been appointed chair of the National CyberWatch Center National Visiting Committee. The Committee provides feedback to Center officials and the Center’s primary funder, the National Science Foundation.

Office of the President

Joni Oglesby, chief diversity officer and Title IX coordinator, delivered the keynote address “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” at the November meeting of the Space Coast Human Resource Association.

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