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5-Star Winners Announced

Winners of the “I Give 5-Star Service” annual awards were recognized in a ceremony Aug. 11. Each winner was nominated by a co-worker or student.

Winners are: Rachel Carroll, Controllers Office; Guy Cilento, Student Records; Renee Couptherwaite, Career Management Services; Christine Current, Undergrad Admissions; Eroica Davis, Financial Aid; Lareyne Ellebracht, International Student Scholar Services; Erin Fox, University Marketing; Keith Hudon, Undergrad Admissions; Caroline Johnston, Registrar; Ali Keller, Enrollment Management; Tricia Knapp, Business and Retail; Kristie Kwong, Creative Services; Jade Lawson, Registrar; Leah Litwiniec, Career Management Services; Jeanette Lloyd, Student Accounting; Karen Neely, Undergrad Admissions; Tony Owens, IT; Shawn Pocchiare, Graduate Admissions; Feri Rassoul, Campus Housing; Michele Scott, Financial Aid; and Erica Spencer, Conference Services Bureau.

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