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‘Wellness Team’ Wins at Dragon Boat Races
The winning Florida Tech team in their crew-style 'dragon boat.'

The winning Florida Tech team in their crew-style ‘dragon boat.’

A team of Florida Tech faculty, staff and their spouses organized by the university’s Wellness Committee won each of its three races and took the gold medal for the community level division at the Space Coast Dragon Boat Festival on April 16 at Manatee Sanctuary Park in Cape Canaveral. The team won two 450-meter races and one 200-meter race.

The races involved group paddling in a crew-style “dragon boat.” The Florida Tech team was comprised of first-time paddlers, and members had just one 45-minute practice prior to the event. Even with fewer paddlers than other boats, the Florida Tech team won with race times just a few second off other times from the more experienced sport division.

The team featured: Diane Frederick, Richard Frederick, Samuel Kozaitis, Aldo Fabregas Ariza, Arlene Grant, Rodrigo Mesa-Arango, Tom Stewart, Esther Wilkinson, Bruce Wilkinson, Vanessa Edkins, Trevor Herntier, Mischka Maxwell, Sherry Jensen, Matthew Jensen, Brian Lail, Josephine Haller and David Lowe.

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