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George Maul Named 2016 FAS Medalist
Florida Academy of Sciences 2016 Medalist George Maul.

Florida Academy of Sciences 2016 Medalist George Maul.

George Maul, Florida Tech’s distinguished professor of oceanography and the longtime head of the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems, was named 2016 Medalist by the Florida Academy of Sciences.

He joins Terry Oswalt (2010) and John Trefry (2002) as just the third Florida Tech faculty member since the academy started awarding the medal in 1963 to receive one of Florida’s highest academic honors.

The Florid Academy of Sciences awards one medal annually to a Florida resident who has “contributed in an outstanding manner to the promotion of scientific research, to the stimulation of interest in the sciences, or to the diffusion of scientific knowledge.” Candidates may be research scientists, philanthropists and educators, journalists, science fair coordinators or members of industry, government or other organizations.

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