Headlines (News) News — 27 June 2016
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The Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability, the Federal Aviation Administration program better known as PEGASAS, has launched its Center of Excellence Fellows program. PEGASAS universities work closely with the FAA in a national network of world-class researchers, educators and aviation industry leaders.

Three Florida Tech students have been named to the inaugural fellowship class and are now working as full-time graduate researchers at FAA facilities over the summer. They are Indira Chambers, Adam Hruszczyk and Matthew Rhoney. The students will share nearly $35,000 in fellowship awards.

Chambers and Hruszczyk, who are in the College of Aeronautics, and Rhoney, from the College of Engineering, and six other students comprising this first class of Fellows, along with staff and faculty from PEGASAS universities including Florida Tech, will work with FAA researchers to further advance aviation safety and other technical areas related to general aviation.

More information on this unique research partnership is available at www.pegasas.aero.

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