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Undergrads to Contribute Research to NASA Project
On-flight research involving Florida Tech students will launch from Wallops Island later this year.

On-flight research involving Florida Tech students is scheduled to launch from Wallops Island, Va., later this year.

Several Florida Tech students will get a chance to conduct hands-on flight research this year with a $50,000 grant from NASA’s Undergraduate Student Instrument Project thanks to proposal by faculty members Hamid Hefazi, Marcus Wilde and Kurt Winkelmann.

The project, called Experimental Investigation of Polyimide Wire Repair System in Microgravity Environment, was competitively selected for funding through NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program and the agency’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington D.C.

Five mechanical aerospace engineering undergrads and two chemistry students will design an experiment to test a temperature-resistant patch used for wiring repairs in space developed by NASA contractor Vencore Services and Solutions, Inc. Tucked inside one of NASA’s Sounding Rockets and launched from Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia, the material will be heated in micro-gravity and then brought back to Earth for chemical analysis. Beyond faculty support, Vencore researcher Tracy L. Gibson will mentor the undergraduates on the project.

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