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Our Spring 2016 semester is well underway, and I always love the activity that comes when classes are in session: the bikes and skateboards rolling by, the hum of conversations at the Sub Café, the whisper of pages turning at Evans Library.

Beyond the classroom, there have been some interesting and important developments with your university, and I wanted to talk about a few of them.

We’re fortunate to have business leaders from this community and beyond who care deeply about the mission of Florida Tech. Some of these key supporters graciously volunteer their time and expertise to serve on our board of trustees. We’re excited to welcome three new trustees this spring.

Vik Verma, an alumnus and technology pioneer. Currently chief executive officer of the Silicon Valley-based company 8×8, Inc., Verma has served on the board in the past. We are glad to have him back.

Mike Shah, an architect by training who has gone on to be a successful business leader and philanthropist here in Brevard County. His friendship is greatly appreciated.

And retired four-star-general Ann Dunwoody has accepted our invitation to join the board. A graduate of our Extended Studies program, Gen. Dunwoody’s accomplishments are numerous. We look forward to her leadership on the board.

Meanwhile, we’ll also bring to a close our $100 million Create the Future campaign this spring. Designed to raise money for priority needs of Florida Tech, including increasing our endowment, I am impressed with the success we’ve been able to build through this campaign. More details to come soon.

And finally, one of the highlights of this spring will surely be our annual Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase. Last year we saw tissue made on a 3-D printer and learned about lionfish feeding. Join me at Clemente Center on April 8 to see what our students have created this time!

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