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College of Aeronautics

A paper from Associate Professor William Rankin, “Industry Perspective: Preparing Airports and Airlines for Terrorist,” has been published in the Journal of Air Transport Studies.

Bisk College of Business

Doctor of Business Administration Program Chair Emily Martinez-Vogt has been invited to attend the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Studies at George Washington University, in Washington, D.C. on March 17-20. She will present her paper, “Supporting Students of Color Transitioning to a Doctoral Program: A Case Study Identifying the Factors Promoting Academic Success.”

“Study tours and the diversification of cultural capital acquisition,” a paper by Associate Professor Mike Slotkin, Associate Professor Alex Vamosi, Associate Dean Henry Perez, Manager of Online Business Programs Chris Durie and former program coordinator Jarin Eisenberg, was accepted for publication in the Journal of International Education in Business.

The paper “Auditors’ Assessment of the Capital Market Liability of Foreignness: Evidence from ADRs” from Associate Professor Joan Wiggenhorn and co-authors Kimberly Gleason from the University of Pittsburgh and Yezen Kannan from Duquesne University was presented at the AIB Southeastern Conference last winter in Savannah, Georgia. The paper was one of just eight nominated for Best Conference Paper.

Shitao Yang, a visiting associate professor, co-authored a paper with Zhang Jiangao, “On the Lexicographic Centre of Multiple Objective Optimization,” that has been published the Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 168(2), 600-614, February 2016.

Yang’s abstract, “A Game Approach to Collaboration among Transportation Companies”, has been accepted for presentation at the 27th Production and Operations Management Society Annual Meeting in Orlando, May 6-9, 2016.

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

Bold = faculty
*= student
**= alumni
*** =former student

Alice Che:

Hysong, S. J., Che, X., Weaver, S. J., & Petersen, L. A. (2015). Study protocol: identifying and delivering point-of-care information to improve care coordination. Implementation Science, 10(1), 145.

Rosen, M.A., Goeschel, C.A., Che, X., Fawole, J.O., Rees, D., Ingle, R.C., Gelinas, L., Martin, J.N., Kosel, K.C., Pronovost, P.J., & Weaver, S.J. (2015). Simulation in the Executive Suite: Lessons Learned from Building Patient Safety Leadership. Simulation in Healthcare, 10(6), 372-377.

Julie Costopoulos: 

Costopoulos, Julie S. (2016) Dissertation Demystified. In Zavattaro, S. & Orr, S. (Eds). Reflections on Lives and Careers in Academia.  New York, NY: Palgrave MacMillan. (in press)

Costopoulos, Julie S. (2015, October). Psychologist on Trial: Legal Issues Confronting Psychologists. FPA Brevard/Indian River Chapter invited CE lecture, Melbourne, Florida.

Rich Griffith and Pat Converse:

Griffith, Richard L., Converse, Patrick D., Mochinushi, Yumiko*, & Ziegler, M. (in press). Applicant faking behavior: The elephant in the room. In U. Kumar (Ed.), The Wiley Handbook of Personality Assessment (pp. 387-398). Wiley.

Mary Beth Kenkel and Mary Bonhomme:

Biraimah, K., Bonhomme, Mary, Gill, M. G., Kenkel, Mary Beth, & Sola, G. (2015) The concept of “education” in the U.S.: An interdisciplinary perspective. Rassegna di Pedagogia, 73, (1-2), 103 -120.

Kevin Mulligan and Frank Webbe:

Salazar, Carlos*, Gonzalez, Gabriela*, Vagt, Denise*, Starr, Nicole*, Carlson, Alex*, Vallejo-Luces, Tatiana*, Mulligan, Kevin, & Webbe, Frank (November, 2015). Group Differences in the Rey Dot Counting Test among College Student-Athletes. Poster presentation at the National Academy of Neuropsychology Annual Conference in Austin TX

PsyD Program:

Katie Gifford** (PsyD class of 2010) received the Paul Beeson Career Development Award in Aging Research from NIA/NIH. She is PI for the project “Cognitive Complaints in Aging Adults.” The award is for $799,612 over the five year period 2015-2020. Katie is Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at Vanderbilt University.

Erin Richard:

Erin Richard received the 2015 William R. Jones Outstanding Mentor Award from the Florida Education Fund for her mentorship of McKnight fellow Felicia Kaloydis**.

David Wilder:


Carr, James. E., & Wilder, David. A. (in press). The Performance Diagnostic Checklist—Human Services: A Correction. Behavior Analysis in Practice.


Lipschultz, Joshua*, Wilder, David. A., Gehrman, Chana* (2015). Use of the Performance Diagnostic Checklist-Human Services to assess and increase the teaching of verbal operants. In Y. Leon (Chair), Recent Research on the Assessment and Improvement of Professional Performance. Paper presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, Daytona Beach, FL.

Kelley, David*, Wilder, David. A., Carr, James. E., Rey, Catalina*, Green, Nicholas**, & Lipschultz, Joshua* (2015). Research productivity among practitioners in behavior analysis: Recommendations form the prolific. In I. DeLeon (Chair) Mining Published and Clinical Data to Guide Practice. Paper presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, Daytona Beach, FL.

Lipschultz, Joshua*, Wilder, David., A., & Enderli, Amy* (2015). The effect of types of instructions on compliance during use of the high-probability instructional sequence. In. D. Wilder (Chair), Recent Research on Educational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis. Paper presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, Daytona Beach, FL.

Green, Nicholas**, Sigurdsson, Siggi, & Wilder, David. A.* (2015). Decreasing bouts of prolonged sitting among office workers. Paper presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, Daytona Beach, FL.

Zhiqing Zhou and Erin Richard:

LeNoble, Chelsea A.*, Zhou, Zhiqing E., & Richard, Erin M. (October, 2015). The power of self-control: Buffering the effects of interpersonal conflict on psychological well-being.  In S. Pindek & P. E. Spector (Co-chairs), Using Diverse Methods in the Study of Stress and Well-being. Symposium presented at the 2015 annual meeting of the Southern Management Association, St. Petersburg, FL.

College of Science

Richard Aronson, professor and head of the Department of Biological Sciences, has been elected a Fellow of the International Society for Reef Studies. He is a former president of the society. The status of ISRS Fellow is awarded to a member in recognition of their scientific achievement and/or service to reef conservation or management and/or service to the society.

Department of Computer Science and Cyber Security

Associate Professor Ronaldo Menzes has been named head of the Department of Computer Science and Cyber Security.

Department of Cyber Security and Data Sciences

Associate Professor Marco Carvalho has been named head of the newly established Department of Cyber Security and Data Sciences.

Office of the Executive Vice President and COO

Joni Oglesby, formerly vice president for support services, has been named to the new position of chief diversity officer. She remains the university’s Title IX coordinator.


Shea Glenny, director of weVENTURE Orlando, was named a 2016 Game Changer by Orlando Business Journal.

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