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Online Learning Presents Bags to Serene Harbor

Participants in the Together We Rise project are, from top row, left to right: Stephani Cuddie (L) Jillian Leclerc  - R Kawanda Rembert – L   Andrea Morley – R Megan Eusebe – L    Edelyn Arandia – R Jenny Riter – L  Cyndi Johnsrud – R Lisa McKendree – L  Danielle Schukoske – R Lisa Campbell – L Lisa Gill – R Melody Keeth – L  Joni Oglesby – R.

Participants in the Together We Rise project.  From Online Learning, starting at the top row and moving down, left to right: Stephani Cuddie and Jillian Leclerc; Kawanda Rembert and Andrea Morley; Megan Eusebe and Edelyn Arandia; Jenny Riter and Cyndi Johnsrud; Lisa McKendree and Danielle Schukoske; Lisa Campbell and Lisa Gill; and Melody Keeth, Serene Harbor executive director, and Joni Oglesby, Florida Tech’s United Way Employer Campaign Manager.

Eleven children at the domestic violence shelter Serene Harbor now have hand-decorated duffel bags from the staff at Online Learning thanks to the Sweet Cases from Together We Rise project. The bags Online Learning staff Edelyn Arandia, Takiko Griggs, Judy Gassman, Lisa Campbell, Kawanda Rembert, Cyndi Johnsrud, Danielle Schukoske, Jillian Leclerc, Jenny Riter, Lisa Gill, Andrea Morley, Lisa McKendree, Megan Eusebe, Stephani Cuddie and Gil Conradis decorated will go to children who have fled their homes with a parent due to a domestic violence situation, which Melody Keeth, Serene Harbor’s executive director, said often happens with no personal possessions. The decorated Sweet Cases included a blanket, a stuffed teddy bear, a coloring book, crayons, socks, personal hygiene items and tissues.

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