Transitions Working @ Florida Tech — 28 September 2015
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Julie Cook
, Registrar; Alison Givens, Academic Support Center; Daniel Noonan, Physics and Space Sciences; Shelley Preston, Marketing and Communications; Kathleen Register, weVENTURE; Tiffany Sergis, Development; Lindsey-Kate Smith, Athletics; Evan Stoner, Harris Institute.

Frazer Matthews-Bird
, Biological Sciences; John Broderick, Security; Vickie Freece, College of Business; Gwendolyn Harris, Evans Library; Christa Prior, Athletics; Gwendolyn Richardson, Facilities; Daniel Sutton, Facilities; Lulu Zhao, Physics and Space Science.

Donna Anderson
, Panther Dining; Luis Camacho, Facilities; Frank Ciardullo, Information Technology; Erika Clancy, Continuing Ed.; Jessica Denny, Continuing Ed.; Jennifer Formigoni, Student Financial Services; Alex Forton, Scott Center; Lynn Jaime, Campus Ministry; Ashley Johnson, Scott Center; Toni LaMonica, Scott Center; Kathleen Lang, Financial Aid; Diana Lawrie, WBC Orlando; Chelsea LeNoble, Psychology; Charles Machovec, Facilities; Mary McKee, Sub Café; Colleen Murphy, Panther Dining; Bonnie Neptune, Undergraduate Admissions; Rushil Patel, Harris Institute; Anna Posser, Panther Dining; Lauren Remenick, Extended Studies (Orlando); Catalina Rey, Scott Center; Jennifer Schlegel, College of Engineering; Mary Sharpe, Continuing Ed.; Sayuri Stackpoole, Panther Dining; Nancy Stanifer, Controller; Alexa Flutie-Sumner, Athletics; Jeanine Tanz, Scott Center; Mary Tabeling, Continuing Ed.; Aral Tasher, Harris Institute; Bryan Guido Castillo Valencia, Biology; Reuel Williams, Facilities; Tom Wilson, Panther Dining; Thomas Wonak, Rathskellar; Mengqi Grace Yuan, International Partnerships.

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