News — 18 June 2015
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Florida Contingent Attends ASCE Conference
Florida Tech's concrete canoe entry from the ASCE conference.

Florida Tech’s concrete canoe entry from the ASCE conference.

A group of nearly three dozen students, faculty, staff and alumni attended the 2015 American Society of Civil Engineers Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in March. The group competed in 13 different events, including the main events – concrete canoe and steel bridge.

The students earned several awards: two second-place trophies in the Balsa Dam event; and second-, fifth- and three third-place finishes in concrete canoe races.

The students who attended were: Joey Hereau; Ashley Akins; Lexi Miller ; Peter Zappala; Quinn Duffy; Josh Perry; Sara Schulte; Antonio Berber; Joao Pedro Barros de Avila; Gabriel Macedo Duarte; Marina Travassos; Marina Chagas de Menezes; Lara Barroso; Marina Oliveira; Jenna Gardner; Daisy Rodriguez; Nick Miller; Sam Moses; Rob Curtin; Jose Badziak Junior; Henrique Costa; Aline Franqui; Spencer Hinkley; Bruna Grossl; Brian Wisnom; and Josh Michalski.

Students from the Brazilian Science Without Borders program are in italics.

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