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Though the rainy season in Florida doesn’t begin until May, there will be quite a spectacular downpour on March 13.

It will be raining golf balls that day – 2,000, to be exact – and while they won’t bring May flowers, they will help grow two pretty important things: the minds and bodies of Florida Tech athletes.

This is our 12th annual Chopper Dropper, where a helicopter drops 2,000 numbered golf balls over a flagstick at Suntree Country Club and the closest ball to the flag wins $50,000. The second closest gets $10,000. And 15 additional winners will receive $1,000 each.

Golf balls are now available for purchase for $100 each. You can buy these tickets, which also grant entry into the 5:30 p.m. cocktail reception prior to the drop, and get more information at

Last year, Chopper Dropper and our umbrella event, Sporting Affair XXII, grossed $500,000 for athletic scholarships. It was, and remains, the biggest annual fundraiser for our student-athletes, and with a golf tournament, amazing food, excellent socializing, silent auction and a chance at winning some big bucks, Sporting Affair XXIII promises to be a pretty amazing event for participants, too. You can find all the details at

Florida Tech is now home to 22 sports programs, with our newest, women’s lacrosse, opening its season Feb. 16. We have long prided ourselves on developing young people fit of mind and body, and the 550 student-athletes who throw, row, run, hit, catch and do so much more as Florida Tech Panthers – all while maintaining exceptional GPAs in engineering, communications and other rigorous disciplines – are wonderful examples of the success of our approach.

I look forward to seeing you on March 13. No umbrella necessary.

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