Headlines Working @ Florida Tech — 05 March 2015
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Florida Tech Attends Florida Resident Assistant Seminar

Florida Tech attended the two-day Florida Resident Assistant Seminar (FRAS) in Boca Raton. Co-hosted by Florida Atlantic University and Lynn University, the seminar drew a total of 25 institutions.

Florida Tech sent 14 delegates: Gabrielle Leesman, Kyle Levin, Mike Quintero, Joe Torkaman, Peter Zappala, Warren Pittorie, William White, Astrid Bodin, Phil Clancy, Chad Schreiber, William BJ Papazian, Sky Morrison, Dane Fray, and Justin Hamilton and advisors Jeffrey Vreeland, Jacqueline Hetherington and Ken Coutain.  Pittorie, White, Papazian, Bodin, Schreiber and Leesman gave presentations on topics including diversity, programming, teambuilding and sexual harassment. White and Pittorie placed top five in the conference for best presenters.

The Florida Tech delegation won first place for its 3-minute video showing the importance of teamwork, thanks in part to help from F.I.T. TV and many hours of editing. The team’s mailbox project won second place at the conference.

And Florida Tech was selected as second-most spirited school in the state of Florida, the fifth year in a row Florida Tech has finished either first or second in that competition.

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