Headlines — 19 December 2014
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Wildman on Reality TV

Florida Tech\’s Jessica Wildman on the DIY Network show, “Raising House.”

Jessica Wildman, assistant professor in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program in the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts, was featured on the DIY Network’s Raising House television show in early December. Wildman is building a new, extremely energy-efficient house in Melbourne Beach, and her father is serving as contractor.

At one point during the broadcast, he was shown wearing a Florida Tech T-shirt.

Here\’s how the network described the show:

\”Jessica Wildman and Steve Pontones want to move on from their small apartment in Melbourne Beach, Florida and build their first home. They want energy efficient features such as a solar water heater and stained concrete floors. Doug Wildman, who is the builder and Jessie\’s father, will tackle manufacturing errors, budget concerns and unfamiliar building methods as he delivers his daughter Jessie and her boyfriend Steve their eco friendly custom Mediterranean style dream home.\”


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