Features Features (News) — 27 October 2014
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President’s Picnic a Goode Olde Tyme

The 2014 President\’s Picnic drew more than 1,650 guests to Panther Plaza for games, food, music and more.

Through the castle ramparts they came, 1,657 students, faculty, staff and family; a medieval adventure awaited them. It was the 2014 President’s Picnic, and for an afternoon, Panther Plaza was filled with knights and damsels, roasted turkey legs and twisted dough (OK, pretzels) and games aplenty testing the archery, jousting and, yes, chicken throwing skills of many a youngling.

TWITCHY’s tunes got people moving, and snow cones and ice cream treats kept them cool. Hours later, they departed through those castle doors, leaving behind the tents and dragons, the stockades and steeds, and already looking forward to next year.

For dozens of pictures of this year’s picnic, visit http://411.fit.edu/president-picnic/.



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