Headlines Headlines (News) — 27 October 2014
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Ethics Breakfast Focuses on Power of Language, Attitude

DynCorp\’s Joseph Balser speaks at the Center for Ethics and Leadership breakfast seminar.

If you are using the words “but,” “however,” or “can’t” in your workplace communication, you are basically saying “no.” Even “maybe” and “try” can be taken to mean no. The phrase “one of these days” is also one to avoid because it is too abstract.

This and other linguistic and even inspirational wisdom was shared at a breakfast seminar earlier this month presented by The Center for Ethics and Leadership at the Nathan Bisk College of Business.

The man offering these tidbits was keynote speaker Joseph Balser, manager, IT Business Systems & Development at DynCorp International.

Balser also offered a succinct take on how we should approach our lives: “With courage and intent.”

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