Headlines Headlines (News) — 06 October 2014
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Grace Research Team Hosts ‘Cool Science’ at Brevard Zoo

The Cool Science team: From left to right, Bill McLamb (doctoral student), Sherri Emer (post-doctoral research scientist), Michael Grace, Nikia Rice (master\’s student), and River Grace (West Shore Jr./Sr. High student and Florida Tech undergraduate). The snake is a young Burmese python captured in the Florida Everglades, and the tortoise is a radiated tortoise from Madagascar.

Members of College of Science Associate Dean Michael Grace’s research group hosted “Cool Science” at Brevard Zoo earlier in September as part of the zoo’s Cold Blooded Weekend. Cold Blooded Weekend draws thousands of visitors to the zoo to learn about reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and spiders.

This year, Cool Science was the theme, and the Grace lab provided a variety of educational displays about snake infrared vision, functional brain mapping of reptiles, the dangers of plastics in our oceans to young marine turtles, the ability of snakes to learn to perform very complex tasks, the dangers of exotic species to our natural environment, and behavioral biology of the critically-endangered radiated tortoise.

The team brought along several animals, including a variety of boas and pythons from around the world and the tiny brahminy blind snake.

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