President’s Perspective — 06 October 2014
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From the President’s Desk

Anthony J. Catanese

We are, in many ways, a self-contained community at Florida Tech, an almost-city with residential housing, service providers, security forces, restaurants, health care and more for the thousands of people who live and work within our borders.

But thankfully, and by design, we are much more than just a place unto itself.

We are, in fact, an important component of the broader Brevard County. We provide skilled workers for local companies, modern venues for community events, exciting sports to watch, and thought-provoking educational and cultural happenings.

When our community intersects with our surroundings, we are at our best. We are disparate and different separately, and that is wonderful, but when we are together, if you’ll extend the logic, we are one. And with that unity comes strength, compassion, action.

Together is how we will approach this year’s United Way campaign at Florida Tech, which runs through Oct. 31. Because as we strive to raise $200,000 this year and improve on last year’s campaign, when we collected $195,000, we all must come together, unified by our desire to help those on the Space Coast who need it most.

Your donations had a major impact last year, when nearly $6.3 million raised community-wide helped 200,000 people. Among them: 4,100 students in seven low-income schools who got access to more than 4,000 books via the myON program; and 574 people who learned financial literacy skills as they worked to improve their own bleak financial situations.

This year, there are dozens of groups involved in education, income and health that will receive campaign funds. They are making our community better by making our citizens wiser, healthier and safe from concerns that may impede their success.

It is a goal that mirrors our own here at Florida Tech. It is a goal that is very much worth supporting. I do hope you will join me in doing so.

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