Headlines — 06 October 2014
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Florida Tech, Orlando Science Schools Partner for STEM

Winston Scott, Florida Tech\’s senior vice president for external relations and economic development, speaks to students at the newly designated Panther Ambassador Orlando Science Schools.

Florida Tech launched its Panther Ambassador program in September when it named Orlando Science Schools the first recipient of that designation. The program is designed to strengthen connections between the university and STEM-oriented public schools in Orange County. Retired Navy Capt. Winston Scott, Florida Tech’s senior vice president for external relations and economic development, spoke to students at the Ambassador ceremony.

The partnership between the two schools will encourage collaboration efforts, spark interest in STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and help OSS high school students learn about STEM-based career opportunities. “We were looking to establish a relationship with STEM-focused high schools and we saw a lot of synergies with Orlando Science Schools,” said Leslie Hielema, vice president of Florida Tech’s Orlando Center. “We want students to know that STEM-based jobs are exciting. It doesn’t mean you have to sit in a lab all day. These careers have amazing potential, and we are pleased that both OSS and Florida Tech will play such a key role in preparing young adults for jobs in this growing field.”

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