Headlines Headlines (News) — 02 October 2014
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Whether faculty in need of data for course materials, university leaders seeking a snapshot of institutional background, grant writers looking for demographic info or students seeking research on historical trends, they all can turn to the same source: the Office of Institutional Research.

A highly valued but occasionally overlooked resource at Florida Tech, OIR has reaffirmed its mission to “provide university leaders, faculty and staff, and state and federal constituencies with timely, easily accessible and accurate information to help create an academic learning environment and to enhance institutional effectiveness.”

OIR focuses on four areas: Data Integrity Management, Research and Analysis, External Reporting and Internal Reporting. It can provide student information including credit hours, demographics, GPAs and profile data, and employee information includig headcount, FTE calculations and demographics.

Interested in how OIR can help you? It all starts at www.fit.edu/oir.

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